Creative Workshops

Online class offered through North Beach Writers retreat: Creative Boost 1, Grow Your Creative Purpose

  • Week 1 Activity: You already have the seeds, Creative inventory
  • Week 2 Activity: Select which seeds, Find creative purpose
  • Week 3 Activity: Sow the seeds, Curiosity overrides uncertainty 
  • Week 4 Activity: Grow your ideas, Growth mindset and trust
  • Week 5 Activity: Sharing the fruits of your labor and Setting new goals

Here is an intro video of Creative Boost 1. Contact to arrange individualized online creative coaching sessions.

Too many adults really want to start or continue their creative journeys, but are stuck. I want to help. I’ve taught art to elem-hs students for 26 years, exhibited my work for 20 years, and now creative coach to help you tap into fascinations and push through fears. I will get to know your creative motivations, and customize a plan for you. Message to ask about pricing and availability.

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