Creative Workshops

“Thank you Ti for the recent workshop. I was really stuck and not able to think or see a new way. The workshop helped me to remember what I had done before, both the good and the bad. Ti asked me to look at my strengths and that really made me look at myself and see that tough times come and go all the time. She helped me rebuild my sense of resilience.” Deborah

Creative Boost 1, Grow Your Creative Purpose. This workshop includes 5 video lessons sent to you on 5 Sunday afternoons. Each Sunday you will be given multiple prompts to choose from and you will work at your own pace during the week. You will share your results with the instructor on Fridays or Saturdays and get feedback weekly. Here is an intro video to the 5 weeks of Creative Boost 1.

  • Week 1: You already have the seeds. Who are you and where have you been?
  • Week 2: Select which seeds. What is your creative purpose?
  • Week 3: Sow the seeds. How do curiosity and play override uncertainty?
  • Week 4: Grow your ideas. What is Growth Mindset, and how can it spark motivation?
  • Week 5: Share the fruits of your labor and set new goals. What is next?

So many adults really want to start or continue their creative journeys, but are stuck. I’ve taught art to elem-hs students for 26 years, exhibited my work for 20 years, and now creative coach to help you tap into fascinations and push through fears. Tiffany Besonen, Artist,

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