I am artist Tiffany Besonen. Our family lives on a 110-year-old Finnish farmstead in Northern Minnesota, where we converted the old farmhouse into my art studio. Creating energetic, playful sculpture and mixed-media work soothes my own anxieties and reveals how everyone and everything is connected. Since 2004, my work has been shown across the country in group and solo shows, including the SOHO20 Gallery in NYC in 2007. I have been an Art teacher in Minnesota public schools since 1993, and my inspiring students keep me coming back for more. Free, gestural movement and raw, honest vulnerability are my ultimate goals in art and life. This involves taking some risks and failing, daily. G. Doyle says, “Good art originates not from the desire to show off but from the desire to show yourself.” And I add, art comes from honesty and showing up, even when you want to look the other way. Contact, tibesonen@gmail.com or 218 371-5457.