‘RISING’ Sculptures & Film, exclusive link

See an exclusive link to the final RISING short film, on bottom.

RISING Guardians in the Park Rapids Armory, location of second video shoot. Hand-looped raffia,
jack pine and willow branches, paper pulp, roots
Feral Guardian, Big Red
Jackpine Angels 1 & 2, Ether & Little Kathy
Feral Bean Betty

RISING, a 9 minute short film, follows a heroine’s journey from isolation in the woods into exploring a mysterious place where she battles obstacles and finds self-empowerment.

RISING features the collaboration of Minnesota artists: sculptures and film direction by Tiffany Besonen, directing consultation by Julie Kjenaas, original musical score by Damian D. Anderson, choreography by Anika Campbell, dance by Anika Campbell, Emily Bradt, and Autumn Moe.